Sonic Youth world premieres new album on iLike


MUMBAI: Sonic Youth world-premiered their not-yet-released album, The Eternal, exclusively on iLike, the social music discovery service. The exclusive, one-week iLike listening event will culminate with the June 9 retail release of The Eternal on Matador Records.

To celebrate the upcoming album release, The Sonic Youth Trickster Challenge, an interactive online game was also launched on iLike.

"This album is a celebration of newfound freedom. Releasing this album with our friends at Matador feels like liberation which inspired us during the recording process. Debuting it on iLike, free from industry constraints, also fit this theme," said Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore.

Abandoning the standard routine of writing and rehearsing a cycle of songs in one time period, Sonic Youth changed tactics and would compose several tracks in one weekend and record them the following weekend. The 12 tracks that resulted from this new approach are a dynamic display of Sonic Youth touchstones: From the primal no wave attack of their earliest days, to the radical chording and song structures of the band’s 90s period, to the more focused and contemporary explorations of the last five years.

iLike will syndicate Sonic Youth’s album stream across, iLike’s Facebook music app, plus other social networks and online platforms including the iLike Sidebar for iTunes.