Sony BMG launch free music supervision tool for filmmakers


Mumbai: The Sony BMG Commercial Music Group has launched MovieTunes, a new service that aids filmmakers in choosing creative and cost-effective music for their films.

The service, which was officially announced during the Toronto International Film Festival, intends to reach out to the entire film community. Recognizing that filmmakers may not be aware of the depth and therefore affordability of much of Sony BMG’s rich catalog, MovieTunes was developed by the Sony BMG Commercial Music Group in collaboration with Sony BMG Film with a shared goal of providing a greater range of services to the film industry.

MovieTunes is an easy-to-use web based site that allows filmmakers to submit specific criteria pertaining to their music needs. Once the filmmaker supplies direction, a Sony BMG music expert will help the filmmaker navigate through the 2 million plus recordings in the Sony BMG archive to find the perfect selection of music within the budget parameters of the film.

The filmmaker will pay only for the recordings that they ultimately license.