Sony DADC 50 GB Blu-ray up and running

MUMBAI: Sony DADC has announced that they now have six 50 GB Blu-ray Disc production lines up and running.


The company, which announced its 50 GB Blu-ray production plans in May this year, is currently ramping up production to 60K discs per day. High demand for the 50 GB dual layer Blu-ray Disc is a result of the format’s ability to deliver superior, uncompressed audio and high bit-rate video, more value added interactive content, as well as more available space to include additional bonus features such as deleted scenes, interviews and commentary.


“We are encouraged by the performance of both our 25 GB single layer and 50 GB dual layer production technologies, both of which are meeting our expectations. My hat is off to our development and process engineering teams worldwide, all of whom have contributed tirelessly to bring these capabilities to life,” said Sony DADC executive vice president, manufacturing and engineering Michael Mitchell.


“We know that our customers are looking for the finest audio and video experience possible from Blu-ray Disc. BD50 is an essential part of our strategy to expand offerings of uncompromised audio, video and added value to consumers both domestically and internationally,” said Sony Pictures Home Entertainment executive vice president, advanced technologies Don Eklund.


In addition to the six dual layer lines currently running, the company has nine 25 GB Blu-ray Disc production machines in operation and has shipped over three million Blu-ray Discs for a client base of over 35 customers since beginning production in May this year.


Sony DADC’s Terre Haute facility also has two Phase Transition Mastering (PTM) systems and has been mastering 50 GB discs since mid-September 2006. Over 130 BD titles have been mastered, which include both 25 and 50 GB titles. Both PTM machines are capable of mastering PS3 titles as well. Sony DADC has three fully integrated Blu-ray packaging lines, all of which are fully operational and capable of supporting video and PS3 titles in both 25 GB and 50 GB formats.

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