Sony & Media Push Entertainment develop music content for D-Cinema


MUMBAI: Sony Electronics’ Digital Cinema Solutions and Services Group is collaborating with Media Push Entertainment LLC to secure and develop music and entertainment content for digital cinema events in movie theaters, as well as for distribution across multiple platforms such as the Internet, television and others.

Media Push is a marketing and distribution company focused on the development, acquisition, production and worldwide distribution rights for music and general entertainment content in a variety of forms. The company has relationships with media providers including concert promoters, artist management companies and music labels that make them the right choice to help Sony secure rights to live performance and special music events. Media Push will assist Sony’s DCSS group in securing content, as well as developing marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

Recent projects managed by Media Push include the marketing and distribution for a range of music titles distributed as theatrical, digital cinema, DVD, TV, and CD releases.

"Our collaboration with Media Push is designed to focus on next-generation in-theater entertainment. Their expertise in the music industry, combined with the power of Sony’s 4K technology, will help to not only build relationships with artists, but also deliver the highest-quality live music events for theatrical exhibition," said Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions and Services Group senior vice president Mike Fidler.

Media Push will leverage its relationship with Sony Music Entertainment to drive content across other Sony entertainment platforms in the future.

"Our marketing and distribution efforts are highly collaborative so each party receives significant benefits. Artists and bands get seen by a much broader audience, exhibitors have an opportunity to drive more people into their theaters — especially on off nights — and sponsors and advertisers benefit from having their messages viewed on multiple platforms. This integrated approach allows everyone to bridge in-home advertising and out-of-home advertising and promotion to raise awareness for theater events," said Media Push president Steve Sterling.