Sony Pictures Imageworks launches OpenColorIO


Mumbai: Sony Pictures Imageworks has released OpenColorIO (OCIO), its sixth production-proven open source software to be introduced since launching its open source initiative in July 2009. The new release can be found online at

Colorspace — the numerical description of color used in computer graphics production and display — is one of the trickiest and challenging aspects of digital motion-picture production particularly for visual effects and animation. In the absence of conventions for sharing color transformation processes, every production team must re-invent a color workflow for every application which tends to be hard to get right.

OpenColorIO addresses this critical issue. It enables color transforms and image display to be handled in a consistent manner across multiple graphics applications. OCIO is geared towards motion-picture post-production, with an emphasis on visual effects and animation color pipelines. OpenColorIO has been used at Sony Pictures Imageworks since 2003. By providing a unified color environment, OpenColorIO simplifies the task of creating and validating multiple-application color workflows.

Sony Pictures Imageworks Chief Technology Officer Rob Bredow noted, "OpenColorIO is our contribution to help provide a framework on which people can share color space transformations and apply it to any workflow consistently."