Sony Pictures to distribute Hancock in 4K in the US


MUMBAI: The list of feature-length motion pictures to be distributed in 4K resolution now includes Hancock, the new action-comedy movie starring Will Smith.

The Sony Pictures Entertainment movie, which opens in the US and worldwide on 2 July, will be shown in 4K resolution on more than 20 screens using Sony’s 4K digital cinema projection systems.

The movie will also be available as a 4K DCP file for playback in 2K-equipped theaters.

“The digital cinema industry no longer sees 4K as a future technology. Exhibitors are realizing that 4K is a reality now, for enhancing their customers’ experiences and expanding their business,” said Sony Electronics director of digital cinema industry relations Andrew Stucker.

All of the Hancock 4K screenings will be shown using Sony’s SRX-R220 model digital cinema projectors. The units, which are engineered for DCI-compliance, are Sony’s newest 4K system, with 18,000 lumens, designed specifically for movie theater projection.