Sony’s Crackle re-launched as talent agency


MUMBAI: Sony Pictures Entertainment Company has renamed its video sharing website Grouper, which it bought last year to Crackle.

The new website will partner with media and entertainment companies to provide a launch pad for the best emerging video talent. Crackle’s approach includes a unique programming and editorial strategy, wide-reaching global distribution platforms and collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment, the IMPROV Comedy franchise and other media companies.

“Crackle’s irreverent editorial team, with a little help from our viewers, programs our provocative and entertaining channels for an audience of 25 million monthly unique users. We reward the best video creators with Crackle funding, promotion, syndication and even greater exposure to our large media partners. Great content surfaced from our open studio model is the key to our success,” said Crackle founder and co-president Josh Felser.

“The evolution of online video will bring viewers more professionally produced material. Crackle will provide this next wave of creative talent a forum that will give them the exposure and recognition they seek and deserve,” said Sony Pictures senior executive vice president Sean Carey.