Stewart ignores Hollywood

X-Men star Patrick Stewart is turning his back on the bright lights of Hollywood to concentrate on theatre roles..

The Star Trek star hasn’t completely ruled out returning to the hit science fiction series or the successful superhero franchise, but he is hopeful that London’s prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) will offer him a three-year contract.
He says, “I have such mixed feelings about Star Trek. It’s like a romantic relationship that’s over. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but I haven’t ruled it out.

X-Men is another matter. There were all those all-may-not-be-over teasers at the end of the last one. But I have no reason to believe Hollywood will be for me what it has been. The past six months has absolutely convinced me where my real commitment lies . “All I want is for Michael Boyd (Artistic director of the RSC) to call me into his office and say, ‘Here is a three-year contract.'”

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