Stillfront AB to produce Terminator Salvation fan immersion game


MUMBAI: The Sweden-based developer/publisher, Stillfront AB has signed a licensing agreement with the Halcyon Company to create a web-based Fan Immersion Game for Terminator Salvation. The game was recently released and will be released as a Facebook application shortly.

Web-based and free to play, this immensely multiplayer online game is designed to draw the player into the post apocalyptic world where machines rule and humans fight for their lives and the salvation of their entire species. However, it is not automatically assumed that the player will wish to join in the struggle for humanity. Instead, the player will be given a choice when signing up for the game: Will you team up with the resistance to secure the future for your race or will you align yourself with the Terminators following the objective to wipe all humans from existence?

Throughout the game players will have to fight their enemies, always trying to gain the upper hand for their cause. There is even a social networking aspect of the game, which allows players to recruit others to their side thus increasing their own numbers.

"We are extremely excited to be part of one of the greatest movie franchises ever. The concept of different sides fighting against each other is new to the genre of casual web-based gaming, and I believe it will change the future for all FIGs to come. As we’ve seen with the Wanted FIG, the game will provide an exciting, addictive game play experience for the players while utilizing a micro transaction model to generate revenue and establishing a strong online brand awareness leading up to the release of the film and well beyond," says Stillfront AB CEO Marco Ahlgren.

Terminator Salvation stars Christian Bale and Sam Worthington.