Studios should think globally & act locally


MUMBAI: During a “fireside chat” with investors at UBS’s 35th annual Global Media and Communications Conference, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) chairman and CEO Dan Glickman discussed the global and technological opportunities facing the motion picture industry.


“Through innovative partnerships and groundbreaking investment deals, the major motion picture studios are staying at the forefront of global commerce. MPAA member studios are actively adapting their business models to meet today’s international market trends and to provide consumers with a greater variety of entertainment options,” Glickman said.


He highlighted the astounding growth in movie distribution and sales in several developing nations such as India, China, Brazil and Russia. He outlined several examples of MPAA member companies partnering with investors in other countries on everything from movies to theme parks. Glickman said that in order to achieve success as business owners and managers in a global economy, it is imperative that entertainment companies “think globally and act locally.”


When discussing the challenges faced by the industry, Glickman noted that filmmakers from Hollywood to Bollywood face a common enemy in copyright theft. He said that MPAA research shows that the worldwide motion picture industry including foreign and domestic producers, distributors, theaters, video stores and pay-per-view operators lost $18.2 billion in 2005 as a result of piracy. To meet consumer demand and foster a legitimate marketplace, Glickman said content creators must be diligent about delivering high-quality, world-class product in a safe, hassle free way.


“We want a marketplace that is responsive to the many ways consumers want to enjoy movies – one that respects intellectual property rights and opens avenues for doing business and enjoying movies,” he said.