Suffer Media Division to launch motion picture unit


MUMBAI: Suffer Media Division has started a new motion picture / film unit.

Suffer Media currently produces all advertising for Suffer and its products. Its main focus has been periodicals and videos. The Motion Picture / Film Unit has actively begun pursuing projects that Suffer can take a roll in producing.

Suffer Media president Joseph Lewis said, "MMA Athletes are in demand in the Motion Picture Industry as Hollywood is always looking for that next big action star. Randy Couture and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson have really started to bring attention to what MMA Athletes can offer to the movies, Randy doing The Expendables and Rampage doing The A-team."

"We anticipate this to give us not only another potential revenue stream, but also the opportunity to place Suffer products in any motion pictures produced and draw our product more into the mainstream," he added.

Suffer is engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of men’s and women’s apparel related to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). The company also produces a line of Fight Gear and Media related to MMA.