Synergex acquires Brainworks Entertainment

MUMBAI: Synergex Corporation has entered into an agreement to acquire the licensing, production, and distribution business as well as the video and music product pipeline of BrainWorks Entertainment.
BrainWorks’ manufacturing, content licensing, and distribution business in Canada will continue under Synergex’ wholly owned subsidiary Synergex Media Entertainment (SYXME).
SYXME will strategically focus on the acquisition, production, and localization of DVD and music content for physical and digital distribution in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina, and for sub-licensing in other markets.
The BrainWorks brand is well established across Canada, particularly in the Quebec market, providing French language fitness-focused content for the francophone community.
BrainWorks former president Glenn Moss and newly-appointed vice president of SYXME will develop and produce exclusive content programs for traditional and non-traditional markets. He has an extensive career of over 20 years in the entertainment and home entertainment industries, specializing in content acquisition, production, marketing, media buying, and sales.
"I’m elated being part of the Synergex team and I look forward to growing BrainWorks’ internationally," Moss said.
"BrainWorks builds on our initiatives with World Wrestling Entertainment and Gaiam through the sales, marketing and distribution of new content which we will acquire or produce, but the bottom line is it will be our content to monetize. BrainWorks generates more opportunities to acquire both audio and video content rights through production and licensing which we will leverage into both physical and digital distribution as we expand our business into the United States and into markets further south," said Synergex president and CEO David Aiello.