Thai government, film industry take measures to prevent illegal cam-cording


Mumbai: The Motion Picture Association (MPA) together with the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) and the Thai Film Federation (TFF), announced the launch of a multi-pronged strategy designed to prevent the illegal cam-cording of movies in Thailand.

This strategy, which is strongly supported by exhibitors, will see the implementation of several measures, including the following:

1) the use of night vision goggles to detect anyone using recording devices to cam-cord illegally inside cinemas.
2) The display and distribution of posters in cinemas highlighting that cam-cording is a criminal offence.
3) Increased training programs for cinema staff.

These steps are being taken to stem the rise of illegal cam-cording in Thailand.

"This is an excellent initiative by the MPA. Our officers will step up enforcement efforts and continue to work closely with the MPA along with the local movie industry in detecting and interdicting illegal cam-cording activities," said DIP’s director general Puangrat Asavapisit.

"This is a major concern for the Thai Film Industry," said TFF chairman Jareuk Kaljareuk.  "Every single one of our Thai movies has been cam-corded on the first day of its release and pirated DVDs are made available just two or three days later. This has caused very serious economic damage to our industry. We appeal to the Thai people to help us fight these pirates who seek to destroy the livelihood of all of us who work in the industry."

The Thai Film Federation represents local film producers, film directors and cinemas and has 224 members. They estimate that over 300,000 people are directly impacted by movie piracy.

"We are aware of the adverse impact that piracy has on the Thai film industry and the livelihood of all the people who work in it. Pirates do not make a distinction between who they steal from and will not hesitate to profit from the creative talent and hard work of others," said Motion Picture Association Asia-Pacific president and managing director Mike Ellis.

"We welcome this multi-pronged effort from all sectors of industry and government in Thailand and thank everyone for their support. It will definitely give our campaign teeth," he added.