Thai minister launches DVD promoting film industry to mark world IP day


MUMBAI: The Motion Pictures Association (MPA) launched an educational DVD titled Creators in Action: The Thai Film Industry at an event to mark World Intellectual Property Day on 28 April, organized in collaboration with the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) of the Thai Ministry of Commerce, the Embassy of the United States, and the Thai Film Federation (TFF).

Titled Protect Intellectual Property and The Future of Film Industry, the function was graced by Thai deputy minister of commerce Alongkorn Ponlaboot; deputy chief of mission US embassy James F. Entwistle; DIP director  Khun Puangrat Asawapisit; and Thai Film Federation chairman Khun Jareuk Kuljareuk.

The 20-minute long DVD, which features clips from award-winning Thai films, was developed to provide an insight into the film making process in Thailand and to raise awareness of the complexities involved and the need to respect the creators behind the camera.

This MPA initiative, which elicited the staunch support of members of the Thai film community, weaves interviews with renowned Thai producers, directors, actors, script writers, costume designers, and makeup artists to take audiences through various stages of making a film. It also covers the impact of piracy and its damaging effects on every individual who works in the industry.

Five thousand copies of this DVD will be distributed across the country, mainly to schools and educational institutions.

"This is a very special day for the Thai film industry indeed as well as the people who make it the powerhouse industry it is. On their behalf, I would like to thank the MPA for shining the spotlight on all the hard work, effort and people behind a creative work. Combined, the industry makes a very significant contribution to the country. The government needs to take a tough stance on piracy to make sure it can continue on its course to expand as well as win the hearts of more film fans in Thai and abroad," said minister Alongkorn Ponlaboot.

"We hope this DVD will help young people better appreciate the creative process. Every one of the 300,000 people plays a role in bringing your favourite movie to life. Illegal camcording and pirated DVDs caused very serious economic damage to our industry," said TFF Chairman Jareuk Kaljareuk.

"Through this DVD, we appeal to the Thai people to help us fight these pirates who seek to destroy the livelihood of all of us who work in the industry."

The Thai Film Federation (TFF) represents local film producers, film directors and cinemas and has 224 members. The TFF estimate that over 300,000 people in the industry are directly impacted by movie piracy.

"For us at the MPA, this initiative is another form of extending our outreach efforts," said  Motion Picture Association president and managing director Asia-Pacific Mike Ellis. "MPA supports creative communities across the globe and we are honoured to be able to play a part in putting this montage of the Thai film industry together. With an increasing number of incredibly well-made as well as entertaining films, Thai films have garnered fans worldwide, while employing considerable numbers and contributing to the Thai economy. We hope that through this video, Thais will recognize the incredible value the people behind the cameras bring to their lives."

Guests at the event were also treated to a special screening of the hit local animation film Khan Kluay 2, a sequel to 2006’s Khan Kluay.