The Third Jihad to release simultaneously in theatres and VoD


Mumbai: DigiMeld, a provider of software solutions for streaming and live Internet broadcasting, will conduct the first feature film broadcast over the Internet simultaneously with the theatrical release of PublicScope Film’s The Third Jihad. It will be broadcast free of charge.

The film can be viewed at Subsequent viewing of the film will be available on DigiMeld’s Internet television portal, as a paid Video-on-Demand (VoD) viewing.

"This is a hallmark event for the Internet as a video delivery platform, and for DigiMeld SuperStream grid-streaming. This demonstrates the interest of video publishers in reaching new audiences worldwide through a reliable high-quality delivery platform, where the Internet is not an afterthought, but rather an important release window," said DigiMeld CEO Alex Mashinsky. is the company’s self-publishing video portal, based on DigiMeld SuperStream that allows publishers to create live and on-demand video channels easily and monetize the content through subscription, paid and advertising based services. The DigiMeld TV portal creates narrowcast video channels that are approved and licensed through DigiMeld, and are branded by publishers or aggregators. Using DigiMeld’s grid streaming solution, film festivals or niche broadcasters could transmit real-time events to thousands of Internet viewers. DigiMeld TV provides ad insertion and branding opportunities and provides viewer forums, as well as visitor and viewer statistics.
"Producers are more likely to use the Internet as a distribution platform knowing that the audience for streaming video can scale to massive numbers, and DigiMeld is delivering this solution today for independent publishers," added Mashinsky.
DigiMeld will demonstrate its DigiMeld TV online video portal at the MIPCOM festival in Cannes, France from 13-17 October.

"With DigiMeld TV we are able to reach worldwide audiences with a television broadcast experience at greatly reduced costs. This online premier broadcast simultaneously with the theatrical release of The Third Jihad represents an important milestone for both independent film producers such as PublicScope Films and for the Internet as a video broadcast medium," said PublicScope Films’ Gregory Ross .