The Walt Disney Company China adapts Disney High School Musical


MUMBAI: The Walt Disney Company in China announced the start of production on its third local co-production project Disney High School Musical: China (HSM). Working with local partners Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, the movie is planned for cinematic release in summer 2010.


Under development for over a year, and created for Chinese audiences, Disney High School Musical: China is the story of a new student who meets a gifted young man with whom she shares a secret passion for singing. With the help of their friends they overcome the odds to win an inter-school singing competition, and discover their true calling in the process.


Disney High School Musical: China is being filmed in Shanghai and features six new young stars drawn from across China. 


"Our local team has done an amazing job and we are fortunate to be building on the Disney Channel’s success by working with a world class cast and crew led by our producer Janet Yang and visionary director Shi Zheng Chen,” said Walt Disney Studios International production general manager Jason Reed.


"Chinese audiences enjoy great storytelling. Disney High School Musical: China promotes classic values of teamwork, optimism, friendship, pride and the spirit of self discovery which have made HSM a worldwide phenomenon and further cements Disney’s position as a family entertainment brand in China," said The Walt Disney Company Greater China executive vice president and managing director Stanley Cheung.


SMG Film and TV Drama Centre head Yang Wenhong said, "High School Musical is a brand recognized and is beloved by kids and families globally. For SMG, this is a whole new experience to develop a China version by working with Disney and Huayi Brothers. Through our collaboration, we hope we can also bring the musical genre to movie goers here as well."


"Disney HSM: China is destined to pioneer a new genre for young Chinese moviegoers by seamlessly combining the art forms of dance, music and film together with valuable themes like teamwork, youthful energy and friendship," said Huayi Brothers Media Corporation president James Wang.