Time’s Essence teams up with Warner Bros. Television


Mumbai: The Warner Bros. Television Group and Time Inc.’s Essence Communications Inc. are teaming up on a series of initiatives that will expand the Essence brand across a number of platforms, including the Internet and television.
One of the first projects to come from the new relationship is the late summer re-launch of an expansive new web destination at www.Essence.com, created in collaboration with WBTVG’s Telepictures Productions, which aims to be the ultimate online destination for African-American women.
The announcement was made by Warner Bros. Television Group president Bruce Rosenblum; Telepictures Productions president Hilary Estey McLoughlin; Essence Communications president Michelle Ebanks; and Essence magazine editor-in-chief Angela Burt-Murray.
"This cross-divisional partnership is a further step in our Television Group’s overall new media strategy of developing premium ad-supported digital destinations with engaging original content and a distinct point of view," said Rosenblum. "We eagerly anticipate working with Essence to align the quality of their brand, vision and content with our multimedia television businesses."
"The new www.Essence.com will be the most thorough web destination ever created for African-American women and become the daily site where Black women click first," said Ebanks.
In addition to the re-imagining of www.Essence.com, the multiplatform agreement between Essence and WBTVG also includes plans to expand the Essence brand into television. Telepictures Productions and Essence will work in partnership to develop content based upon the Essence brand and establish working relationships across the various Telepictures properties, which will serve as incubators for potential television series or original digital programming for broadband.
McLoughlin said, "At Telepictures, we have a track record of success in both television and digital. By combining our strengths with Essence’s reach and power, we are so excited to partner with the premier lifestyle and entertainment brand for African-American women and help them expand online and into television, which will greatly benefit Essence’s audience."
"This pioneering partnership for the new Essence.com smartly takes advantage of the complementary expertise of two premier company divisions and will undoubtedly raise the bar for online outlets targeting this influential audience," commented Time Inc. chairman and CEO Ann Moore.
"We’re committed to making Essence.com the definitive web destination for Black women and – with an emphasis on community – helping them to connect with each other will be a major part of that effort," said Burt-Murray. "In addition, developing quality content across the board for African-American women is a major priority for the Essence brand, so broadening our partnership with Telepictures into television is a natural progression."