TM Media launches reality-based film project


MUMBAI: Media and entertainment company TM Media Group, Inc. has launched a reality-based film project called Daddy’s Shadow, starring Dr. Dre’s daughter Manaj.

Daddy’s Shadow is a feature-length documentary centered on Manaj’s quest to break into the music industry despite her legendary multi-millionaire father’s objections and lack of support. The film is currently under production. The film’s trailer can be viewed at Additionally, the movie’s DVD can also be pre-ordered on the website.

Dr. Dre is a Grammy award-winning American record producer who helped shape hip-hop and rap into a cultural phenomenon. His daughter Manaj made headlines across the globe with her original announcement in signing with TM Media Group, as reported by Source magazine, L.A. Times, and

TM Media Group CEO Matthew Harmon said, “Manaj clearly learned from the best and is a talent in her own right and I am very excited to bring Manaj’s project to life. The explosion of reality television and film is driving a new relationship between artists and their fans. Fans are anxious to learn from Manaj what life is really like in the shadow of Dr. Dre and to get an insider view on a powerful mogul’s family. TM Media Group plans to leverage this film to inform fans and market Manaj to the large rap audience. We believe this franchise offers global market appeal and presents another compelling investment opportunity to our shareholders.”

“Working with TM Media Group and Matt Harmon on my project is a dream come true. They respect my creativity and direction and I can feel the success already. I hope to make my fans proud and look forward to reaching a new global audience through my relationship with Matt and his team,” said Manaj.

Additionally, TM Media Group announced today that the company has completed listing requirements and that TM Media Group shares are now trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol BYY.