TVN Entertainment to support Time Warner Cable’s VOD platform


MUMBAI: Television on-demand company TVN Entertainment Corp has entered into a long-term agreement with Time Warner Cable to deploy the TVN VOD platform in support of Time Warner Cable’s VOD initiatives.

Under the terms of the deal, TVN will provide the MSO with VOD content delivery services and advanced asset management tools, including TVN’s Emmy-nominated ADONISS interactive system.

"As we strive to provide our customers with simple and easy control over the content that they watch, we are continually looking for innovative solutions to help us manage our infrastructure. TVN’s ADONISS interactive asset management toolset provides us with unparalleled control over our VOD assets," said Time Warner Cable executive vice president & CTO Michael L. Lajoie.

"Time Warner Cable has invested heavily to provide its customers with a state-of-the-art digital service and we welcome the opportunity to support their comprehensive VOD initiatives. With over 200 content partners and a rich VOD toolset, TVN is well positioned to help Time Warner Cable maximize its VOD service over the coming years," said TVN Entertainment chief sales and strategy officer Jim Riley.