TWB develops user interface for digital broadcasting products


MUMBAI: The Writers Block (TWB) has developed and implemented 360 degree technical communication and user interface solutions for a middleware that allows integration of traditional digital and Internet media including, video and music content over broadband to TV.

With the new user interface, users will be able to access all digital television services through a central, interactive environment whose functionality can be enhanced to include online community features.

It provides key technical communication, user interface and support solutions in IPTV, digital broadcasting and convergent media products. Also, provides services that powers next generation rich media content and consumer devices.

TWB has been chosen by a leading Internet Media company to develop and implement next-generation video user interface (UI) for its set-top-box (STB), which allows the users to access digital content from multiple broadcasting platforms and across formats. This will enable digital broadcasting and IPTV services to be promoted, searched and accessed through a state-of-the-art interface to deliver a superior user experience.

The user-interface integrates service providers’ digital video services. These include – Video on Demand (VOD), Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Interactive Applications into a centralized, user-friendly UI.

This key functionality of the product user interface is its ability to integrate traditional media and broadband internet media and to view Internet media including YouTube video’s as full screen video on, high definition large format TV’s with TV style remote and navigation.

The Writers Block CEO Rakesh Shukla mentioned, "TWB recognizes that an interactive, customizable and user friendly UI is essential to pleasing the customer. In future we will see further enhancements in order to create visually appealing, perceptive and smarter UIs."