Twentieth Century Fox unveils 20 new, must have titles


Mumbai: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment released several best-selling DVDs with Digital Copy on 23 September.

Increasingly popular because of its viewing flexibility, Digital Copy allows consumers to effortlessly transfer copies of their favorite classic comedy or action-packed films to their iTunes digital library and then view on a Mac or PC, iPod, iPhone or on a widescreen TV with Apple TV. Digital Copy also works with Microsoft Windows Media enabled portable video players.

"Our research shows that when given the option, consumers recognize the incredible value proposition that Digital Copy provides as a simple, fast way to move content to a portable device," noted Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment executive vice president North America marketing Mary Daily. "Digital Copy puts the disc at the center of the digital revolution happening in households nationwide and meets the entertainment needs of the entire family from the TV, to the computer to an iPod."

The first wave of DVDs to debut with Digital Copy include comedies Napoleon Dynamite, Office Space, The Girl Next Door, Grandma’s Boy, There’s Something About Mary, Dodgeball and Super Troopers. Also, action favorites Behind Enemy Lines, The Day After Tomorrow, Die Hard, Fantastic Four, Hide & Seek, I, Robot, Independence Day, Speed, The Transporter, X-Men, X2: X-Men United and X3: The Last Stand.

To further consumer education, every Fox DVD with Digital Copy will feature dedicated packaging with an overview of how Digital Copy works to show just how easy it is to transfer a film to a personal video player.

As the pioneer of Digital Copy, Fox was the first studio to introduce DVDs with Digital Copy for iTunes with the January release of the Family Guy "Star Wars" parody Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest, announced at the annual Macworld Conference in San Francisco. To date, the studio has issued several new releases with Digital Copy for iTunes including What Happens In Vegas, Street Kings, Hitman, Juno, Aliens Vs. Predator-Requiem and Jumper