UK Film Council launches ad-funded film production


MUMBAI: The UK Film Council has associated with film partnership specialists Film Tree, to develop advertiser-funded film production in the UK. 

The appointment, which will see Film Tree facilitating relationships between brand owners and filmmakers, is part of the UK Film Council’s commitment to stimulate new opportunities for the financing of feature film production and distribution in the digital world.

Film Tree will serve as a bridge between film producers and distributors keen to explore innovative funding routes, and brands searching for the highest quality entertainment content for their marketing campaigns. The initiative will provide film companies with better access to brand financing, offer new ways of engaging with audiences, and promote closer working relationships between the creative industries.

UK Film Council CEO John Woodward said, "At a time when traditional sources of finance and revenues are diminishing, part of the UK Film Council’s job is to help the film sector with practical solutions. Essentially we are establishing a partnership that will enable brands to speak more directly to filmmakers about financing new films, creating a genuine fit between the brand and the film project looking for production finance."

Film Tree partner Ed Sharp added, "Branded entertainment can create even more engaging marketing campaigns and deliver tangible returns on investment – for all involved. This exciting partnership comes as we are working with a number of UK film producers and distributors on commercial projects, each with a clearly defined audience in mind, and each searching for additional financing."