UK Film Council to screen user-generated film free in the UK


MUMBAI: The UK Film Council is supporting the innovative release of Faintheart, the world’s first fully user-generated film, by providing free film screenings in 46 cinemas across the UK chosen by the public.

Faintheart, directed by Vito Rocco, is the result of MyMovieMashUp, the initiative by MySpace, Vertigo Films and Film4. MyMovieMashUp gave UK MySpace users the opportunity to play an integral part in every stage of the filmmaking process from directing the film, to joining the cast, submitting soundtrack music and being part of the production crew.  

The production of the film also received £325,000 of Lottery funding from the UK Film Council’s Premiere Fund.

The film will be released simultaneously and free of charge for one day only on 27 January, in 46 cinemas with free online streaming on the MySpace website.

Faintheart will then be available to buy on DVD from 2 February. UK Film Council Lottery funding of £34,937 will pay for the film screenings in cinemas and digital distribution. This funding is from the UK Film Council’s Prints and Advertising Fund which is designed to give UK film fans more choice and gain exposure for films which might otherwise only have a limited distribution.

Using the UK’s first theatrical screening web application developed by MySpace and Three Eyed Labs, the Faintheart MySpace community have voted for which towns the film will be shown in.

The ‘Heart Map’ enabled fans to enter their postcode and discover the nearest town that could screen the film. Once a vote was cast, the heart grew on the map to reflect the increase of hits in that area. The most popular locations were selected for the free screenings on 27 January.

UK Film Council head Distribution and Exhibition Peter Buckingham says, "We’re really pleased to support the release of this unique film, which has been created by the public and with our Lottery funding they will be able to see it free of charge in cinemas they’ve chosen."