Universal Music Enterprises creates Digital Fitness music label


Mumbai: Universal Music Enterprises (UME), a division of Universal Music Group and Jake Steinfeld, creator of Body By Jake Global brand (BBJ), have launched the music and fitness industries’ first digital fitness music label, Don’t Quit Music, which will create category-specific workout music.

The announcement was made by UMe President and CEO Bruce Resnikoff and Body By Jake Global Chairman & CEO Jake Steinfeld.

This multi-year agreement will tap UMe’s extensive catalog and UMe’s award-winning sales and marketing prowess to create and distribute music collections for a wide variety of fitness workouts, from yoga to Pilates, mountain biking to weight training, and everything in between. The workout mixes are created by music and fitness professionals, designed specifically to maximize the workout experience. The customer can choose custom mixes by purchasing a slot music card or via a simple 3 step download process for their MP3 player.

According to research, the number one reason why people quit exercise programs is that the routines, location, and music become boring and repetitive. With the new player, new pre-loaded mixes created by the industry’s top DJs and producers will be available on slotMusic cards or digital downloads throughout the year, allowing workouts to be continuously updated. All mixes can be digitally downloaded (dontquitmusic.com). These mixes feature top-selling artists in a non-stop, continuous mix format designed to provide a seamless music environment for exercise. And for those with specific needs, customers will be able to make custom mixes to compliment their workouts.

Music products will be made available in the major formats, such as on digital downloads, all digital partners, including iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon.com etc., on CDs and on MP3 devices. Digital downloads will also be available on their websites.

In response to today’s hectic lifestyle, these new mixes are also available on a new slotMusic cards (music on microSD cards) which enables consumers to instantly and easily enjoy music from their favorite artists without a PC or internet connection. Users simply insert the card into their microSD-enabled mobile phone or MP3 player to hear the music. These cards will be bundled with a tiny USB adapter ensuring seamless interoperability with all computers. Today, millions of multimedia-phones, virtually any computer with a USB connector and a growing number of in-car sound systems can play slotMusic cards. BBJ and UMe will be able to create many cross marketing opportunities to reach music fans as well as fitness fans by offering them a unique product. In addition, Body By Jake customers will be offered the music through all BBJ branded productions across multiple platforms. ExerciseTV, which Steinfeld founded, will also provide additional exposure for the new line. Exercise V can be found on-demand in 27 million cable television homes across the country and at http://www.exercisetv.tv.

"Music is such an integral part of exercise and, to my knowledge; no one has really made music as important as the workout itself. They need to go hand-in-hand, because with good music, you can get through a tough workout — or any workout. For that matter, with good music you can get through life with a smile on your face moreover, fitness has become more and more customized: We have a different shoe for every sport and type of exercise, so why shouldn’t people have customized programs of fantastic music that inspire and motivate them through their favorite workouts?" says Steinfeld.

While Resnikoff feels this collaboration with Seinfeld is a great opportunity to maximize their existing catalog, while creating new opportunities for emerging artists, he says, "People are consuming more music today than ever, and in new ways that fit their lifestyle. Fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike will now be able to work out to the best music content, delivered in an array of new formats."

Steinfeld began his relationship with UMG in 1983 when he released his first exercise video in the marketplace and went on to make music history whith the release of the first original video soundtrack in 1984. The album, entitled Don’t Quit, included music by artists such as Bobby Caldwell and Joseph Williams, and was released by MCA Records.