Universal to provide ringtones for landlines


MUMBAI: Universal Music Group (UMG) and Home Phone Tunes announced that Ringboxx, the first device that allows users to personalise landline phones with music and audio content, is now available for purchase at Amazon.com and HomePhoneTunes.com.


Ringboxx allows those with Caller ID to identify callers instantly, even when they are not near their phones, by assigning ringtones to friends, family or even unwanted 800 numbers. For those without Caller ID, the Ringboxx can be set to All Play to listen to all your favorite ringtones.


Consumers will be able to purchase Ringboxx for an introductory price of $59.95 and will receive free ringtone credits. A rich content library from Universal Music Group, The Orchard and other content providers is available.


“Universal Music Group is excited to lead the industry in our partnership with Home Phone Tunes to make our music available for the first time to the home phone. The Ringboxx is a natural and innovative way to provide entertainment and personalization for today’s modern home,” said eLabs executive vice president Rio Caraeff. eLabs is the company’s new media and technologies division.


As part of the ringtones agreement, Universal Music Group is the first major music company to make its entire ringtone catalog available to Ringboxx customers. Universal Music’s library includes thousands of tones from recording artists and chart toppers, including 50 Cent, Rihanna, Fergie, Fall Out Boy and Maroon 5, among many others, and joins content already available from The Orchard, the digital distributor and marketer of independent music. Ringboxx customers will have the opportunity to download the latest new songs from The Orchard and Universal Music as soon as they are released.


“With the extensive library available through Home Phone Tunes, Ringboxx customers now have the option to truly personalize their home phone. From movie soundtracks and comedy to the latest hits, the home phone can reflect people’s personality instead of the generic old phone ring,” added Home Phone Tunes CEO Kirk Cameron.


Along with the immediate availability on Amazon.com, a growing number of telecommunications companies are test marketing Ringboxx in key locations, including Windstream in Texas, Ben Lomand Communications in Tennessee, Rainier Connect in Washington, and Alpine Communications in Iowa. Customers in these markets will have the option to get Ringboxx through their telecommunications provider either as part of a bundled premium package or as an a la carte option. Several Telecommunications companies will also have Ringboxx for sale at their retail stores.