USVO delivers anti-piracy product to studio


MUMBAI: USA Video Interactive Corp has delivered the first of two installments of its MediaEscort anti-piracy product to its unnamed Hollywood customer.

USVO had announced in November 2006 that it had signed an agreement with a division of one of the six major Hollywood studios, and that the identity of the customer would not be revealed until final product delivery and installation. USVO expects to deliver the second, final product installment shortly.

MediaEscort is a software application that resides on customers’ video servers. It automatically and seamlessly embeds SmartMarks — invisible forensic information in every frame of video content — during Internet delivery, providing the proof courts need to protect intellectual property rights, indicting and convicting the individuals who steal the original material.

Using MediaEscort, copyright holders can protect their content without restricting the fair uses of legitimate customers, including copying, archiving, and enjoying the content on different platforms at different times.

MediaEscort’s SmartMarks work across all distribution and presentation channels and technologies and provides an entire system for piracy protection without frustrating consumers, and is also fully compatible with DRM.