uVuMobile, Watchfire to create mobile music stations

Mumbai: Mobility solutions and software provider uVuMobile has announced that it has signed a Services Agreement for the development, deployment and commercial launch of two on- and off-deck Inspirational Music Stations with Watchfire Music.

Watchfire will launch these two inspirational mobile music stations titled WFM Heart Beat and WFM Quiet Soul; broadcasting music with a message that reinforces positive values while providing listeners an alternative to today’s sexually explicit music.

Designed to provide an uplifting experience for people on the go, listeners will have access to Heart Beat and Quiet Soul directly on their media enabled mobile phone allowing them to find a respite from the often-hectic world around them.

"We believe that Watchfire will fill a big void that exists in today’s mobile music programming. Heart Beat and Quiet Soul will offer refreshment and encouragement to listeners through Inspirational music on the go by giving them access to great music that reinforces their core values instead of tearing them down. Our partnership with uVuMobile provides Watchfire Music a digital distribution method that is extremely robust and has allowed us to introduce a first-to-market opportunity for Inspirational music," said Watchfire president Jim Birch.

Watchfire plans to drive traffic to both stations by promoting them on their website www.watchfiremusic.com, and through a series of social networks such as FaceBook, MySpace, ShoutLife and others.

uVuMobile president and CEO Scott Hughes said, "We are delighted to have Watchfire Music on board. They fill a niche that heretofore has not existed in mobile programming. This agreement further enhances our product mix allowing us to expand into underdeveloped market segments and generate new and diverse revenue streams."

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