Verizon Wireless expands network into Rock County


Mumbai: Verizon Wireless announced it has activated three new cell sites in Rock County that bring the nation’s most reliable network to area residents. This new coverage area is in the southeastern portions of Rock County and includes the communities of Johnstown Center, Lima Center, Avalon, Emerald Grove, Harmony and Bradford.

In March, Verizon Wireless announced plans to expand coverage to approximately 59,000 residents in Rock, Walworth and Jefferson counties by mid-June. "With such a large demand for reliable wireless coverage in this area we pushed to complete the expansion ahead of schedule," said Verizon Wireless president-Wisconsin/Illinois Region T.J. Fox. "We are continually investing in and perfecting our network so our customers can take advantage of all our services, no matter where they live or travel."

Expanding its network into Rock County is part of Verizon Wireless’ effort to enlarge its coverage area, improve indoor reception, increase capacity and enhance the quality of its wireless voice and data network in Wisconsin and throughout the country. Since the company was formed in 2000, Verizon Wireless has invested more than $222 million in Wisconsin on improvements to its network to increase coverage and capacity, and to add new services. More than $37 million of this investment was spent in Wisconsin in 2007.

With this expansion, Verizon Wireless customers in Rock County can now access the company’s high-speed wireless network and enjoy two prime services: BroadbandAccess and V CAST multimedia services.

Based on Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) Revision A (Rev. A) network technology, BroadbandAccess provides mobile users access to their information as if they were attached to this data via a high-speed wired connection but with the freedom of true mobility. Developed with a range of users in mind, the service enables large enterprises, small to medium-sized businesses and mobile professionals to conduct business anytime, anywhere in the BroadbandAccess coverage area through a secure, high-speed data connection.

With BroadbandAccess, users can expect average download speeds of 600 kilobits per second (kbps) to 1.4 megabits per second and average upload speeds of 500-800 kbps. Customers can download a 1 Megabyte email attachment — the equivalent of a small PowerPoint presentation or a large PDF file — in about eight seconds, and upload the same-sized file in less than 13 seconds. Customers who travel outside the Broadband Access coverage area with an EV-DO device will switch seamlessly to Verizon Wireless’ existing NationalAccess network.

The company’s high-speed network also enables its V CAST multimedia services, which offers customers the ability to download full song tracks, play cutting-edge 3D games and stream video clips straight to their handset with top transmission speeds. With content updated daily, customers can watch dozens of on-demand videos, including breaking news, weather, sports highlights and the hottest entertainment clips.

Customers with V CAST Music can download song tracks directly to their Verizon Wireless handsets or to PCs equipped with Windows XP or Vista operating systems. The V CAST Music on-demand service includes access to a catalog of more than 3 million songs.