Video Protection Alliance launches anti-piracy settlement program


MUMBAI: Video Protection Alliance Services, LLC, a provider of anti-piracy services to the adult industry, announced a solution to offer settlements to users that illegally share adult content online.

"With Internet Piracy of adult titles at an all time high and legal sales of adult DVDs and Video On Demand in sharp decline the Video Protection Alliance was established out of necessity. Video Protection Alliance is the only settlement solution designed with the fans in mind. We believe in offering the fans a settlement that is fair, fast, secure and convenient for all involved," said Video Protection Alliance (VPA) founder David Kurzman.

The Video Protection Alliance software monitors fans that illegally download, upload or share copyrighted adult movies online and offers them viable settlement options & a legal release of liability. Individuals that illegally share adult content online receive a notice containing infringement information and a settlement offer. By settling, fans can avoid expensive litigation, liability for civil damages totaling up to $150,000 per infringement plus attorneys’ fees and Internet Service Provider (ISP) disconnection.

The way it works is that VPA is legally authorized to collect settlement fees on behalf of the copyright owners it represents. Upon settlement, fans receive a legal liability release and the appropriate copyright owners are paid for the infringement in question.

VPA and its copyright partners are working to establish a new model that is fair for all parties involved. The settlement options that VPA provides are paving new ground for fans and copyright owners alike.