Virgin Records to re-release debut album by Trouble Andrew


Mumbai: Virgin Records will re-release the debut album by Trouble Andrew.

The album is due February 10, 2009 on Virgin Records, which was produced by John Hill/Shitake Monkey and mixed by Mark Needham.

Trouble Andrew is a remixed edition of his self-released 2007 CD of the same name (previously available only via iTunes) with underground hit Chase Money and the addition of one newly recorded song, What’s So Strange About Me.

Like most rock stars, Trouble was a rebel and dropped out of high school at age 15 to live his dream — literally a pipe dream for a kid coming from the relatively flat Nova Scotia. He is no stranger to the rock star life of winning contests, signing endorsement deals (Burton Snowboards and Oakley to name a few), and gaining rabid fans around the world. He has inspired a generation of snowboard kids with his original freestyle riding and unique signature snowboards and outerwear that have always represented the skateboarding, punk rock, hip-hop, and pop influences of his youth. Trouble’s music tells a similar story with its dark, hard hitting grinding bass and synths and sk8rock guitar riffs and witty and sexually charged lyrics.

Trouble began his professional snowboarding career at age 15, but didn’t write his first song until he broke his knee in 2005.

After nine months of rehab and a full recovery, the professional snowboarder-turned-musician had Trouble Andrew recorded, a four-piece band, and a whole new sound behind him. That new sound is an amalgamation of the punk, rock, hip-hop, sk8, surf, and snowboard cultures he grew up on. The end result is a poppy electro sk8 punk music with fist pumping anthems, rump-shaking melodies, and sing-along hooks. "It’s like crunkrock pop," said Trouble.

Trouble is currently writing new songs for the follow-up record to his self-titled CD, which is slated for a summer 2009 release on Virgin Records.