Vivendi, Premise sign Expelled distribution agreement


Mumbai: Vivendi Entertainment and Premise Media have finalized a distribution agreement for this year’s number one documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Vivendi will distribute Expelled on DVD, video rentals, digital downloads and television.

The partnership with Vivendi guarantees that Expelled will receive significant retail exposure. The DVD will be available at major retailers including Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy. The controversial documentary will also find key placement with rental outlets such as Blockbuster and Netflix.

The agreement is a major achievement for Expelled’s first time filmmakers.

"Vivendi’s interest in Expelled is a testament to the film and all the work that went into making it. We trust them to help us extend the reach and impact of our documentary," said executive producer Walt Ruloff. "We are extremely excited to achieve this important milestone. Expelled is an exceptional project and Vivendi is an exceptional company."

Executive producer John Sullivan noted, "We are proud to partner with such a successful company in this endeavour. Vivendi was founded on the principals of collaboration and financial transparency. This has made it a favourite choice of independent content providers. Their involvement assures the continued success of the film."