Warner Australia chooses Play MPE to Digitally Distribute Pre-release Music to Radio


Mumbai: The Shooting Star Picture Company and Warner Music Australia announced a partnership which will see Australia record company migrate to the exclusive use of PLAY MPE and Spins services, Australia’s new industry tools for audio and video delivery and radio monitoring. Both services are marketed exclusively in Australia as part of the D-Star product line.

PLAY MPE will now provide delivery of Warner’s new release content to all media exclusively on this digital platform. The Play MPE system allows media to easily preview and download relevant music in CD quality files, transfer tracks to portable music devices such as iPods and easily collate usage data on new releases for Warner Music Australia.

D-Star Spins also launches this month, providing Australia’s most accurate and user-friendly service for tracking radio airplay for label’s catalogues. D-Star Spins is an essential planning tool for music companies such as Warner Music Australia to track the success of campaigns in real-time.

"We are pleased to be extending our existing relationship with Shooting Star and the breadth of services they provide to our organization. Both Play MPE and Spins will provide the important business tools we need to communicate and interact with all our media partners" said Warner Music Australia director of promotions and publicity Ben Facey.

"We are delighted that Warner Music Australia is joining us on this journey to provide Australia’s industry standard in promo delivery," said Shooting Star Picture Company CEO Peter Skillman. "Our D-Star business is based on listening to the needs of both media and our label clients and provdiing the solutions and ever-improving products that are based on understanding both sides of the fence."