Warner Bros’ horror flick Orphan faces boycott protests


MUMBAI: Orphan, a horror movie distributed by Warner Bros., is about an evil adopted child and is continuing to draw criticism from nationwide adoption groups and organizations urging movie going patrons to boycott the film. Leading philanthropist and advocate, Daphna Ziman is outraged and joining the charge to promote a socially responsible solution.

"Although we recognize the film is fiction, the response we have had from adoption groups and potential adoptive parents has been overwhelming. When a major corporation sensationalizes on an area that affects our Nation’s most needy children without responsible messaging it is unconscionable. Warner Bros. needs to be socially conscientious of the children they are potentially harming and put a disclaimer on the film and a public service announcement educating viewers on the plight of children living in protective custody through no fault of their own," says Children Uniting Nations founder Daphna Ziman.

It is the concern of many that if this film feeds into any possible pre existing doubt and prevents even one potential parent from adopting, the outcome equates in a child missing out on having the loving family they should be entitled to and increases the likelihood of that child ensuing a life of crime. Reportedly, Warner Bros. has responded thus far to the groups by removing a highly criticized line from the film where the orphan Ester says, "It must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own."

Ziman has requested a meeting with Warner Bros. executives to add a disclaimer and public service announcement to the film and DVD, and is using her network of millions to urge the boycott while pushing for Warner Brothers to put forth an educational remedy. "Even films about dogs (i.e. Hotel For Dogs) recognize that some people watching the film may be upset and align with various pet organizations to give back and raise awareness, why would Warner Brothers not do the right thing towards the very group from which they are profiting. I am hopeful that they will do the right thing now to help our nation’s foster youth," Ziman added.

President Obama has issued a call to action for businesses to be more socially responsible and to act with integrity and wider social purpose. A corporation should market responsibly by knowing how its product could affect the lives of various people and determine what message their product and campaign delivers. Ziman is calling on Warner Bros. to act socially responsible and make a positive difference in the lives of children who are in need, our children that we as a society have failed.