Warner Bros. & Imax to release Under the Sea 3D on 13 February


Mumbai: Warner Bros. Pictures and Imax Corporation will release the next original Imax 3D release titled Under the Sea 3D on 13 February, 2009.

The film follows the box office hit Deep Sea 3D, also shot by award-winning cinematographer/director Howard Hall, which has grossed more than $72 million to date.

Four of the planned filming expeditions for Under the Sea 3D have been completed, with the final expedition to Indonesia scheduled to take place at the end of September through October 2008. The filmmaking team, including Hall, producer Toni Myers, executive producer Graeme Ferguson and producer for Howard Hall Productions Michele Hall, has captured some of the most extraordinary marine life ever shot on film including the Stonefish – the world’s most venomous fish – and a new species of shark yet to be described by science. Hall and his crew also filmed South Australia’s exquisite Leafy Sea Dragon and the endangered puppy-like Sea Lion – animals that can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Filming with the Imax 3D camera, the highest resolution motion picture camera ever created, will allow the filmmakers to immerse audiences in this amazing underwater world as never before – bringing them face-to-face with these magical creatures. The film will also provide an extraordinary look at the current conditions of our oceans and the impact global climate change has had on these unique eco-systems.

"For Under the Sea 3D we’ve traveled to some of the most exotic locations on this planet, allowing us to film many creatures for the first time. Through Imax 3D, audiences will be immersed fully into this amazing undersea world – a world which only a few of us lucky individuals really get to see up close," said Hall.

"Deep Sea 3D continues to deliver a premium cinematic experience that keeps moviegoers returning to Imax theatres year after year and we are thrilled to be continuing our partnership with Howard and Michelle Hall. We look forward to having Howard’s latest journey come to life on Imax screens on February 13, 2009," said Warner Bros. Pictures president, domestic distribution Dan Fellman

"From South Australia to the Indo-Pacific, audiences will witness amazing deep sea life in the grand scale and immersiveness of Imax 3D. Thanks to our partners at Warner Bros. and the amazing talents of our filmmakers, audiences will encounter a spectacular marine world alive with magical creatures and also emerge with a new understanding of how important it is to protect it," added Imax Filmed Entertainment chairman and president Greg Foster.