Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment launches Galactic Taz Ball


MUMBAI: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has launched Galactic Taz Ball, a new video game for the Nintendo DS featuring Taz, the Looney Tunes character.

The game contains two worlds with completely different gameplay mechanics, including the Overworld, an action-style 3-D game playable on the Nintendo DS top screen with track ball controls using the stylus on the bottom screen. By using the track ball, players can spin Taz into a tornado, moving him fast enough to destroy anything that gets between him and his prize.

The second world in Galactic Taz Ball is the Underworld, a side-scrolling puzzle game in which players can control Taz by nudging, poking and pulling him and his surroundings with the stylus. Marvin the Martian’s tools also found in the Underworld assist in Taz’s motions, helping players pass each level. Both worlds lend perfectly to Taz’s frenetic and wildly outrageous style.

Developed by WayForward Technologies, Galactic Taz Ball is rated E for everyone and is available on Nintendo DS and is Nintendo DSi compatible. Galactic Taz Ball is available at $29.99.