Warner Bros. to launch new videogame for Nintendo DS


MUMBAI: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced Galactic Taz Ball, a new videogame for the Nintendo DS starring Taz, the frenetically fantastic Looney Tunes. The game will be available in Europe and Australia May 2010 and in North America Fall 2010.

"Taz is one of the most popular characters in the Looney Tunes family, and with Galactic Taz Ball kids can have fun for hours with action, exploration, platform challenges and puzzle solving. This creative game packs all of the wild fun that everyone loves about Taz into a handheld experience with two unique modes of play," said Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment senior vice president Development and Production Samantha Ryan.

The game contains two worlds with completely different gameplay mechanics. The Overworld is an action-style 3-D game playable on the Nintendo DS top screen with unique track ball controls using the stylus on the bottom screen. When Taz moves fast enough he becomes a tornado that can destroy objects and enemies. The Underworld is a side-scrolling puzzle game played on the bottom touch screen in which Taz navigates a maze of active machinery and gadgets. Both worlds combine for a uniquely fun and frenetic journey, perfect for Taz’s wild style.

Galactic Taz Ball is being developed by WayForward Technologies.