Warner Home Video offers Blu-Ray & HD-DVD programs


MUMBAI: Warner Home Video (WHV) has launched two new programs, Warnerblu Buy 5 Get 1 Free, the Studio’s first-ever Blu-ray Disc customer loyalty program, and an HD-DVD trade up program, Red2Blu, which offers HD-DVD owners the opportunity to upgrade their Warner Home Video releases on HD-DVD for a Blu-ray Disc of the same movie.

The new Warnerblu Buy 5 Get 1 Free program offers consumers one free Blu-ray movie for every five participating titles purchased through 6 April, 2010

To join Warnerblu Buy 5 Get 1 Free, consumers can register at Warnerblu.com/rewards. After joining, members earn one credit for each subsequent WHV Blu-ray title they purchase. Once their Blu-ray title is registered, their Warnerblu account is credited, and when they reach five Blu-ray titles, they will be able to select a free WHV Blu-ray Disc.

The first participating Blu-ray release is Yes Man, released on 7 April.

On the other hand, the Red2Blu programme is for those who want to upgrade titles they currently own on HD-DVD to Blu-ray. By visiting Red2Blu.com, consumers can trade up virtually any of their WHV HD-DVD titles (up to 25) for the same title on Blu-ray for a small fee plus shipping and handling.

Also, to promote the launch of Warnerblu Buy 5 Get 1 Free, WHV is launching the Blu-ray Today sweepstakes, featuring a prize of $5,000. Once they enter the sweepstakes, customers can return to the website every day for additional entries. The Blu-ray Today sweepstakes runs now through 6 April, 2010 on WarnerBlu.com.