Warner Home Video to unveil Looney Tunes collection


Warner Home Video (WHV) is set to release the sixth volume of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection, the studio’s largest Looney Tunes compilation of animated shorts to date.

The collection has over 60 classic, fully remastered and restored cartoons, presented in their original unedited format. Most of the shorts in the collection have never been available on DVD before.

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume Six, which is aimed at adult collectors of animation, will retail for $64.92. The companion title, Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection Volume Six, which is geared towards viewers of all ages, will retail for $26.99. The Spotlight Collection will primarily consist of shorts from Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume Six, but it will also contain a few from Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 2. Both titles will be released on 21 October, 2008.

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume Six will consist of four discs, each showcasing a different theme. Disc one, titled Looney Tunes All Stars, features all the best-loved characters in the classic shorts. Disc two, titled Patriotic Pals, includes a collection of shorts with war time and patriotic themes. Disc three, titled Bosko, Buddy and Merrie Melodies, features rare treasures from the original Looney Tunes before they were known as Looney Tunes. Disc four titled Most Requested Assorted Nuts, features favorite shorts that defy any classification.

Aside from a bountiful collection of eye-catching cartoons, Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume Six will also feature over seven hours of bonus content, including Mel Blanc: the Man of a Thousand Voices, a never-before-seen documentary focusing on the legendary voice artist. Special features will also include commentaries by filmmakers, animators, historians as well as alternate audio programs and much more.

"Each year we are faced with the challenge of having to design a new collection of Looney Tunes shorts that outshines the last. Our objective for the sixth volume was to create an attention-grabbing volume that is a combination of some of the rarest, most original and best-loved cartoons that even the savviest of animation connoisseurs would want to own. Looney Tunes are an important part of American cinematic history and these wonderful collections give us the opportunity to appreciate the beauty, wonder and artistry behind the art of animation. Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume Six is the type of DVD collection that collectors will want to add to their home entertainment libraries," said WHV vice president of family, animation and sports marketing Amit Desai.