Website helps save money by recycling CDs, DVDs

MUMBAI: A website – – now provides people solutions to do away with their old CDs, DVDs and video games, which they no longer use. is the fastest growing online site for trading used CDs, DVDs and video games. Members list their items for a point value, and then when another member buys the item, those points can be used to buy other items on the site. There is no fee to list items, and each purchase has a nominal one dollar transaction fee. Membership is free and sign up provides your first DVD, CD, or video game for free. president Robert Alvin said, “Having a family household with four teenagers, I couldn’t believe the amount money we were spending on movie, music, and games, despite having rooms full of previously purchased items. When I founded, I realized my own family faced the dilemma of owning a big inventory of media that was just sitting around the house not being used. There are only so many times my kids would watch a movie, listen to a new CD, or play that new video game, and then they were ready to move on to buy a new one. is not only the cheapest way to recycle those used titles, but it’s a great family activity and a way to help parents to teach their kids about the value of a dollar. My children are even cleaning out their closets looking for more media items to list on”


In addition to being a family-friendly site and taking steps to ensure that mature content is restricted to adult access, endorsed the Family Entertainment Protection Act (FEPA) earlier this year. “ supports the FEPA, and as parents it is critical that we keep mature and violent materials out of the hands of children,” Alvin added.

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