Will D-Cinema save Hollywood?

Many don’t know it yet but Hollywood is in trouble. Titanic director James Cameron, warning that Hollywood is “in a fight for survival,” wants the movie industry to offer films in digital 3-D to counteract declining sales and rampant piracy. Maybe we just need to fight back harder, come out blazing, not wither away and die,” Cameron said during his keynote address Sunday at the National Association of Broadcasters’ Digital Cinema Summit.

James feels that D-cinema can do it. “Digital 3-D is a revolutionary form of showmanship that is within our grasp. It can get people off their butts and away from their portable devices and get people back in the theaters where they belong because D-cinema offers a powerful experience which you can only have in the movie theater.”

Now video is undergoing that same revolution and James Cameron understands that. That’s why he’s pushing for new technology in movie theaters. If they lose the technological edge they fade away. Can James Cameron’s bold vision for 3-D digital cinema save Hollywood? No one knows for sure.

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