Winners of IPR competition announced on World IP Day


MUMBAI: The International Federation Against Copyright Theft – Greater China (IFACT-GC) announced the winners of the second joint annual student T-Shirt and Slogan Competition promoting IPR protection in a ceremony at the Golden Gateway theatre on World Intellectual Property Day, prior to a screening of “Inkheart”.

The competition, co-organized with the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) with the support of the Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department (HKC&E), the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) and the International Intellectual Property Protection Centre (IIPPC), was open to all higher education students in Hong Kong.  Entries consisted of T-shirt designs bearing slogans to promote IPR awareness on the theme Love Yourself, Love the Future.

A total of 69 entries were received and were judged on how successfully they promoted IPR awareness in a creative and effective way. HKC&E assistant commissioner (Intelligence and Investigation) Tam Yiu-keung, IPD acting director Peter Cheung, IIPPC Manager Raymond Lai and IFACT-GC executive director and general Sam Ho made up the panel of judges.

The winning slogan Respect Intellectual Property Rights; Protect the Value of Creation, came from 21 year-old Yu Wing-chee, with awards also being given to Chum Pui-tung, aged 19 (1st Runner Up), and Cheung Lai-shan, aged 20 (2nd Runner Up). So Hop-ling, aged 19, was awarded a special “On-line Popularity” prize for attracting the most on-line votes from the public. Winners’ prizes included movie ticket coupons and book vouchers.

Intellectual Property acting director Peter Cheung said, "It’s encouraging to see that the winners’ designs are very creative and professionally presented. They can concisely and precisely bring out the messages of respect for IP rights to the young generation. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with IFACT-GC and other IP associations in raising the public awareness of IP."

"The Customs and Excise Department fully supports educational activities to enhance public awareness, especially amongst the young generation, of the need to respect IPR. We highly appreciate the effort taken by IFACT-GC and IVE in organising this competition and the creative value displayed in the entrant designs. As a long term measure, we will continue to work with IPR stakeholders to promote IPR protection through education," said HKC&E Assistant Commissioner (Intelligence and Investigation) Tam Yiu-keung.

"Respecting other people’s creations is the right thing to do from both a legal and moral standpoint. Promoting IPR awareness among young people through events like this competition leads to greater respect for creativity and helps safeguard the industries in which IVE students are aiming for careers," said IVE (Sha Tin) senior Student Affairs Officer Ivy Liu.

"This competition has a wide base of support among key IPR stakeholders and recognizes the importance of developing IPR respect among young people. The fantastic response from Hong Kong students and the wider public interest in the competition show that more youngsters are becoming aware of how important it is to protect creative products like movies, music and computer software," said IFACT-GC executive director and general manager Sam Ho.