XDC is official partner of the 61st Locarno Film Festival


Mumbai: As the official digital cinema technical partner, XDC is providing all of the necessary projection equipment and technical support for the digital screenings which will be performed on the famous Piazza Grande and in the Teatro Kursaal, the Auditorium Fevi, La Sala and the Rialto.

"This year, XDC assures that the Festival will be efficiently deployed by the most advanced digital cinema technologies, such as Barco 2K DLP Cinema projectors and XDC G3 JPEG2000 DCI compliant D-Cinema servers," says Locarno Festival image & sound supervisor Patricia Boillat. "Together, we will give the assurance to the Festival that the digital workflow operations are achieved in due time and with the required level of reliability."

The theatre rooms will be equipped with Barco 2K DLP Cinema projectors. Barco has been selected by XDC as Official Supplier for this 61st Locarno Film Festival. The Piazza Grande will be equipped with the Barco DP-3000 projector while Barco DP-2000 projectors will be installed into the other auditoriums.

"Being the brightest digital cinema projector in the industry, the DP-3000 is the perfect solution for such an amazing show experience. Imagine an open-air theatre with an attendance of 10,000 moviegoers and a screen width of 26 metres for a projection distance of 80 metres. This will demonstrate the high performance of Barco’s 2K digital cinema projectors", points out Barco digital cinema sales director Tim Sinnaeve.

XDC will provide the technical support for all digital projections in collaboration with its Swiss integrator Protronic AG Kinotechnik. "We are very excited about the partnership with the Locarno Festival. Indeed, this Festival is an outstanding opportunity on the Swiss market," concludes Protronic CEO Patrik Engler.

"With about 100 digital screenings, it enables XDC to show filmmakers, producer’s cinematographers, in fact, all members of the production and delivery chain the comprehensive tools and services they can use to get their stories to screen the way they intended. The motion picture community can enjoy the benefits of XDC’s optimal screening conditions," he further added.

40 films will be digitally processed and quality controlled by the XDC Digital Content Lab in comparison with 17 films last year

"Moreover, digital screening helps avoid expensive operations to convert to 35mm, which is particularly crucial for some independent films with limited budgets," says XDC International sales vice president & business development Fabrice Testa.

XDC will participate to the Future of Cinema Panel on Digital Distribution in association Cineuropa.org.