Xenon CEO sees brighter economy with Blu-ray Disc


MUMBAI: Xenon Corp CEO Lou Panico predicts an uptick in the economy and a safer, cleaner environment thanks to the sales and production of the new Blu-ray discs and equipment.
According to Panico, following the decision by Toshiba to remove their HD DVD format from the market, a number of major equipment manufacturers decided to switch to Blu-ray manufacturing equipment thanks to the resulting sales and production of the new Blu-ray disc and equipment.
A single-layer Blu-ray can hold more than two hours of high definition video or up to 13 hours of standard video. The double-layer disks can hold roughly 4.5 hours of video and over 20 hours of standard video.
In addition, the disc will also find great appeal in the computer market because of its large data storage capacity.
Xenon, a world leader in pulsed UV technology is a producer of equipment used in the manufacture of Blu-ray discs. Xenon’s unique pulsed UV curing system easily handles both single-layer and dual-layer discs, while its patented spiral lamp matches the geometry of the disc, enabling faster and more reliable production.

When asked how Blu-ray would benefit the economy and environment, Panico replied, "Now that the industry has one high definition standard, consumers’ earlier concerns about purchasing movies and players that might be obsolete is removed. With the huge capacity and clarity it offers, I see consumer sales rocketing with consumers purchasing Blu-ray compatible equipment as well as discs for their home TV sets and computers. And while many companies are outsourcing their products offshore, at Xenon we’re manufacturing our products here, in Massachusetts, and exporting to other countries. This means more jobs in Massachusetts and a healthier economy."
In discussing the effect on the environment, Lou added, "That’s where Xenon excels. Our equipment is mercury-free and consumes less energy, a definite asset in the manufacturing process. Anytime you can increase production and provide a safer, cleaner environment while using less energy, then it’s a product well worth considering."