Xero appoints Christine Peters on board


MUMBAI: Wireless service provider Xero Mobile has named Christine Peters to its board of directors.

Peters’ company CFP Productions, a Paramount partner, produced the more than USD 400 million-grossing worldwide blockbuster How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. “Christine’s creative vision and market acumen will be highly valuable as we formulate relationships with content providers and advertisers,” says Xero Mobile CEO and president Allan Brown.

Xero Mobile is developing an ad-subsidised mobile phone service for college students that features TV-style ads with better ability to measure viewership than direct mail, the accountability of the Web and the intimacy of mobile.

“To be successful in the film industry, you must stay ahead of the trend curve,” Peters says. “The same is critical in the fast-paced wireless environment where convergence is bringing entertainment to the customers’ cell phone. Xero Mobile’s plans to offer subsidized wireless service in return for watching targeted ads definitely embraces the calculated, aggressive approach that attracted me to Hollywood in the first place.”

Headquartered on the Paramount studio lot, CFP Productions and Peters have helped develop films grossing more than USD 500 million at the box office worldwide.

Peters has a full slate of active projects, including the New York Times best seller The Friday Night Knitting Club, a co-production with Julia Roberts’ Red Om Films and Universal Pictures. She also is developing The Thing about Jane Spring, based on the novel; Area 51, based on the Midway game; and How to Tell He’s Not the One in 10 Days, the sequel to her breakout smash. Her other credits include The Out of Towners.

Peters founded the credit card company Entertainment Express with MBNA.