YouTube, Pangea Day forge cross-cultural ties

Mumbai: Online video community YouTube, and Pangea Day, a global event dedicated to bringing people together through film, announced an official YouTube group in celebration of Pangea Day. (

On 10 May, Pangea Day sites in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro will be linked live to produce a program of powerful films, visionary speakers and uplifting music. By 4:30 p.m., a selection of Pangea Day films will be showcased on the YouTube homepage, giving hundreds of millions of YouTube users worldwide the opportunity to participate in the global event.

"YouTube’s array of content, from creative short films to inspirational calls to action, renders the site an ideal platform for hosting Pangea Day films," said Pangea Day executive director Delia Cohen. "By harnessing the power of online video, Pangea Day extends both the reach of our worldwide event and our desire for a future of tolerance and understanding across continents."

The twelve films to be featured on the YouTube homepage were selected by Pangea Day as part of their international competition. Pangea Day received over 2,500 submissions from more than 100 countries. Each film aims to inform, inspire, and promote cross-cultural understanding.

On Pangea Day, visitors to YouTube’s homepage will be able to watch and engage with the following 12 short films: The Ball, Combatants, Cuba, Dancing Queen, Elevator Music, Encounter Point, I’ll Wait for the Next One, I Remember Lebanon, Meninos, Refugee All Stars, Roadworks, and The Slap.

In addition, YouTube will host the official Pangea Day YouTube group, a centralized hub giving anyone, anywhere the opportunity to sound off about the films, share their experiences from the live events and discuss the themes addressed in the Pangea Day films.

"Pangea Day and YouTube both believe in inspiring people through visual mediums, regardless of geographic distinctions," said YouTube film content editor Sara Pollack. "Pangea Day’s presence on YouTube further extends the cross-cultural scope of the festival by facilitating an exchange of ideas with a lasting impact."

As filmmakers continue to use YouTube to deliver powerful messages and illustrate their unique viewpoints, Pangea Day comes at a particularly apt moment. Together, YouTube and Pangea Day encourage people hailing from all corners of the globe to exchange ideas openly, without physically crossing borders or stamping passports to have their voices heard.

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