Bajaj Groups’ BEAMS signs three talents


Mumbai: Bajaj Entertainment Art Music Sports (BEAMS), a business unit of Bajaj International Pvt Ltd has signed up with 3 artists who include a Canadian singer-songwriter Lorelei Loveridge, Indian musician Jataveda Banerjee and the Multi-talented Dave Crane.

BEAMS will direct and manage musicians, performers and provide them with opportunities in the entertainment business. It will also execute a series of events ranging from live opera, rock band shows, live fusion concerts, popular music shows to mark the arrival of upcoming talent in the industry.

BEAMS which has various national & international events to its credit, aims at catering to multiple segments of entertainment and carve a niche in the showbiz sector. It has been instrumental in developing talent from all over the world by providing optimal opportunities to showcase their talent.

Speaking on the occasion, BEAMS director Anant Bajaj said, "I am proud to say that we have identified these three talents and are going to provide them with enhanced opportunities to showcase their work to the world. This is our first initiative to provide recognition to these individuals to build up their promising careers."

Banerjee is a music composer, lyricist, star performer with various bands and a lead vocalist in a band called Godspeed. She has also taken part in a band hunt show Ohlalala which was a concept by A.R.Rahman. Loveridge is a songwriter, performer, world-traveller, teacher, arts manager, coach, consultant, writer, photographer and director of theatre. Crane, a renowned trainer and motivational speaker host various shows across the world. Dave’s newest CD Now That’s What I Call Hypnosis was recently performed to Bollywood royalty in Mumbai. He has been a freelance journalist for many high profile publications and a presenter on television.