BIG FM ropes in Sanjay B Jumaani to host new show


Mumbai: BIG 92.7 FM has launched a new show Jumaani ki Zubbani. The show will be aired on BIG 92.7 FM between 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm on Sundays. The show will be hosted by numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani.

BIG 92.7 FM’s Jumaani ki Zubbani is a show which is all set to entertain its listeners and provide them with information on Numerology. RJ Sanjay Jumaani will start his show with "Jumaani Vani" where he will highlight one event of the past week which will have his own take about the event.

RJ Sanjay Jumaani will focus on Bollywood and how numerology plays a vital role in Bollywood through his segment called Mera Number Kab Aayega. Jumaani will also talk about the importance of Numerology and will inform listeners on how to calculate their lucky number through his segment on Mera Waala Number and Score Kya Hai respectively. His segment titled Numero Logic will invite queries from listeners

Jumaani says, "Numbers and names alone cannot ensure success, there has to be hard work attached to every act. I feel very privileged to be back in radio as years back I started my media journey through radio only and With this show I feel honoured that BIG 92.7 FM has recognized my expertise and has come forward with an entire show dedicated to its listeners on how numbers and names play a vital role in everyone’s life. If ur add ‘BIG 92.7’ the total comes to 6 which represents venue, planet of success."

BIG 92.7 FM vice president- programming Nirupam Sonu said, "Jumaani ki Zubbani is a new initiative purely keeping up with the ‘Vibe of the City’, which will be carried to all the Hindi speaking market. RJ Sanjay B Jumaani is known for his expertise in the field of Numerology and its pleasure having him with us. We also plan to have a segment of the same in our regular breakfast show during weekdays."