Bohra Bros. to launch producer friendly music studio


Mumbai: Sunil Bohra of Bohra Bros who produced films like Tanu Weds Manu, Shaitaan and Not A Love Story, is set to launch a producer friendly music studio.

Bohra Bros Music Studio will mainly do the promotions online and in a transparent manner for the producers to know about the revenues earned from the music of their film.

BB Music Studio will be launched soon and will target producers of small and medium budget films (that account for over 80% of the films released annually). As opposed to a one-time music rights acquisition cost paid by the big music firms currently, BB Music Studio aims to promote film music albums at initial cost to the producer. Only after music starts selling that the studio plans to split the revenue with the producer in 70:30 ratio favouring the film producer.

It will offer monthly reports of revenue earned by the film album and  give a split of sales across mobile, online, radio, digital and physical sales.

Under the proposed system, the film producers will continue to remain the ultimate music rights owner.

Film producers and not the music studio will have the right to continue or terminate their music contracts with BB Music Studio.

BB Music Studio will be launched with the music of Bohra Bros’ film Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster, which releases on 30 September.