Amitabh Bachchan to be directed by Jagannath Puri after Abhishek


    Mumbai: Although the Bbuddah director Jagannath Puri wanted to make another film with Amitabh Bachchan in quick succession, he will have to wait. Puri has been asked to design a film with Junior Bachchan first.

    Confirming this to, Amitabh Bachchan says, “Puri will now be doing a film called The Businessman with Abhishek. He will first make it in Telugu with Mahesh Babu and then the same film with Abhishek in Hindi.”

    Puri, who had plans of plunging into another project with Big B, has put that on hold to concentrate on the Telugu-Hindi bi-lingual with Mahesh Babu and Abhishek.

    Bbuddah has been interpreted as a homage by a fan-director Jagannath Puri. Now the homage will be taken further.

    Bachchan informs, “Puri made no bones about his intentions. In fact in the director’s cut of Bbuddah, which you will see on DVD, he will actually talk about how he came to make Bbuddah. Do you know, Puri stopped seeing my films in the 1980s. He didn’t like what he saw thereafter. He had decided that if and when he makes a film with me it would be a re-collection of all his best moments from my cinema before the 1980s.”

    About Bachchan’s flamboyant larger-than-life act, the mega-star laughs, “I don’t know why so much is being made of the larger-than-life personality. Whether it was the songs, dances, fights or other aspects of Bbuddah, once I agreed to do them I had no choice but to go ahead. Reservations, if any, have to expressed and sorted out before shooting begins. Once I started playing this very entertaining character I was with him all the way, clothes, shoes, flirting and dancing. I enjoyed the film. And it did well at the box office.”