Night at the Museum gets direct DVD premiere

MUMBAI: Night at the Museum has premiered directly on DVD in India.

The English version of the movie did not see a nationwide theatrical release in India, although its Hindi version (Museum ke Andhar Phas Gaya Sikander) had a decent run at the marquee. This was the first time a Hollywood movie had a nationwide release only in Hindi.

Night at the Museum’s release on DVD will cash in on the summer vacations, according to Excel Home Videos managing director M N Kapasi. “Keeping in mind the genre (adventure comedy) and the mass appeal it commands, the VCDs have been released in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The DVD also has a Hindi language option,” he says.

Night at the Museum is a comedy film based on a 1993 children’s book of the same name by Milan Trenc. The plot revolves around Larrey Daley (Ben Stiller), a good-hearted but bumbling security guard at the Museum of Natural History who accidentally trips on an ancient curse which causes the animals, gigantic insects and statues of people on display to come to life, causing havoc in the city. The film also stars Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, Carla Gugino, Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney and Bill Cobbs.

The Lenticular cover DVD is packed with an exhibit full of special features including deleted scenes, a director’s commentary, bloopers and an alternative opening sequence. The special features also include a stroll in the museum from the special effects point of view; from storyboards, acting with things that don’t exist, green screens, all the way through to the computer animation process to know how the film’s museum was brought to life. There is movie merchandise like ‘Night Vision Glasses’ also on offer with the DVD, says a release.

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